Sunday, 25 September 2016

Rules for the flour-bombing event

The Precision Flying Event is divided into two components and the Flour Bombing Event (the second component) comprises 25% of the total points.

Rules, Scoring & Characteristics of the Flour Bombing Event

1.  Competitors will be required to execute their Flour Bombing after completing the Navigation Event.  They will be permitted to land and rest (if they so wish) between the two events.

2.  A target consisting of three concentric circles will be located on the runway.  The scoring will be 33 points for the inner circle, 18 points for the second circle and 10 points for the outer circle.  If any part of the bomb lands "on-the-line", it will be counted as the higher scoring circle.

3.  Each competitor will have three bombs which must be dropped in three runs at the target.

4.  After each release, crews will be informed of their score by radio.

5.  Bombs must be dropped from at least 100 feet above the target.

6.  After your drops, you will land and follow the marshals' instructions to park neatly back in the field.


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