Sunday, 25 September 2016

E.F.C. Airfield and Pilot Information

E.F.C. is a 500m grass airstrip situated some 4 Nautical Miles East of the beach at Jomtiem/Pattaya, 20 NM South of Bang Phra (VTBT) and the nearest commercial airport is U-Tapao (VTBU), about 13 NM South of E.F.C. 

Here's a video (Oct 2014) showing the circuit 19-Left, with obstacles:

And, here's another (Oct 2014) showing 01-Right: 

Here's a shot taken (Oct 2016) on short finals for runway 19, showing the water-tower obstruction:

And, here's one (taken Oct 2016) looking down runway 01 showing the cement works at this end and the tin huts at the far end, you can also see the coach park to the right of the runway:

E.F.C. Frequency:  122.3
Lat/Long: 12* 54' 09" N / 100* 55' 59" E
Runway:  01 and 19
Runway length:  500m
Slope: 1 degree upslope on runway 01
Surface: grass/dirt
Circuit Patterns:  01 RH circuit - 19 fly LH circuit
Altitude:  120 ft AMSL
  • Bungy-Jumping tower very close (west) on finals to 01 - for this reason alone, do not attempt to fly a left-hand circuit for runway 01. 
  • Tall mast when turning right-base for 01.
  • Red/White tower-mast near left-base turn for runway 19.
  • Mast on downwind-leg of 19L, near blue-roofed building.
  • Radio model strip, slightly East (left) of finals for 19.
  • Mast by red-roofed structure (fire station), West (right) of finals to 19.
  • Brick wall and green fence at end of runway 19
  • Structure and wires/lamps near wall at threshold of 01
Sunrise/Sunset times on 26th November 2016:  06:20/17:47

Life-jackets:  You will not need life-jackets to participate at E.F.C. 2016 

NOTAMS:  It is the responsibility of all pilots to check NOTAMS prior to this event but active NOTAMS will be covered in the briefing session.  We will also issue a NOTAM for this event so other non-participating aircraft know to avoid the area.

Aircraft parking: will be in "George's field" this year, East of the runway at the end of rwy 19.  Entry to this field requires crossing a small grass hump so take great care and follow any instructions from the marshals.  Each aircraft will be given a take-off time-slot so please stick to yours. Parking space is a bit tight so please park neatly.

Fuel: will be available (at no mark-up) to anyone who has ordered in advance.  We are able to supply 100LL, 95 benzine.

Tie-down points: will be available to those who order in advance - so you don't need to bring your own pegs, just your tie-down straps. 
Air Traffic: will be operating at Eastern during the actual event.  

Children's Day:  As with previous years, there will be no Children's Day.

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