Sunday, 25 September 2016

Rules and information for the PFE 2016

1.  Teams must enter as a crew of one or two persons.


2.  Each team must fly the same aircraft for both events.

3.  A team may use the same aircraft that is being used by another team.

4.  No person may enter as a member of more than one team.

5.  All teams will be required to sign an indemnity waiver against the organisers and marshals, in the event of an accident.

6.  The judges' decisions will be final. Appeals against the results may be made to the judges. Every effort will be made to satisfy all appeals.

7.  Ignoring/flouting the rules/ATC such as to compromise flight safety will result in disqualification from the flying events.

8. Scoring:  The team with the highest score will be deemed winners of the 2016 P.F.E.  Total scores for each team will consist of their Navigation Event Score (maximum 300 points) and their Flour Bombing score (maximum of 100 points). 

9. Any delays that necessitate a re-ordering of teams' departures caused by aircraft mechanical problems may result in disqualification, but will remain at the discretion of the judges.

10. In the event of bad weather, the judges will make a decision on whether to delay/cancel the P.F.E. in total, or in part.

11. No part of the P.F.E. requires crews to carry life-vests.

12. Trikes, Gyros, Quiksilvers will be permitted to request a launch during the early morning in order to reduce the effects turbulence - such aircraft will be known as Early Launchers

13.  All teams will be required to attend the flight briefing on Saturday 26th November at Eastern.

14.  Non-competitive entries will be permitted for those who would like to fly the course for fun, but without a data-logger.

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